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Providing classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel lessons to keep Washington, DC area streets safe


James Keller Driving School is one of the most experienced driving schools in the Washington, DC area. Teenagers are in good hands with our school – we take pride in the quality drivers educated by our school. We want to keep Washington, DC streets safe as well as teen and adult drivers alike!

Whether you are the parent of a teenager or a teenager yourself, you can feel confident in our driving school, which is fully licensed as required by state law.

Our instructors provide instruction to hundreds of students each year. We value creating an informative, safe, courteous, patient, clean, and communicative environment that fosters the maximum amount of learning each session.

Our goal is to help new teenage drivers become safe, confident drivers. Teen drivers who graduate from our school are equipped with the knowledge and experience required to be collision-free and ticket-free in their driving.



  • As required by state law, teenagers must provide proof of a driving permit at their first lesson. Without the driving permit the lesson cannot begin.
  • A parent’s or guardian’s signature is required on our forms to begin lessons.


The school offers the following services for teenage first-time drivers,
new adult learners and existing drivers with lapsed licenses.

Car Rental
For Your Road Test

Written + Permit Test Preparation

+ Road Test

For many years, we have been helping people of all ages learn to drive.

About Us

James Keller Driving School was founded to provide safe and professional driving instruction to new drivers in the Washington, DC area. We serve hundreds of students each year and our fully licensed driving school is trusted by adults and teenagers alike to provide a patient, courteous, and safe driving experience.

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Washington, DC 20500 

Telephone: 202-456-1111

Email: info@jameskeller.com